Saturday, December 14, 2013

And the winner is...

     Actually, I am going to take a second here before I announce who the winner is.  And I am going to take that second to say wow!  I am so touched by all of the comments, all of the words of praise for my bibs, all of the stories of messy, drooly, little ones you love, or little ones on their way.  Especially those stories.  I sew and embroider for babies because the ones I know bring so much joy and love into my life.  I love being able to share something I have made with my own creativity and my own hands with the babies I love.  Hearing this outpouring of 125 comments with the stories of the babies you love and how you all wish to share something special and handmade with them, has brought me so much joy.  And it has warmed up this quiet little blogspot of mine and made it feel less lonely.  Like maybe I am actually talking to more than just my loyal readers (aka my family.)  I so want to reply to every one of the comments, and I just might try, so if you are one of those thoughtful and amazing 125 commenters, check back on that post!

     And if you are one of those 125 commenters (or even if you aren't,) follow my blog, I like bloglovin' (It's free on your phone!) but I hear there are lots of other great options, or just bookmark this page and keep checking back here when you have some free time.  Or like me on Facebook. Or follow me on Instagram (gracefunlittlethings).  Or on Pinterest (though it is sometimes a strange mix of things I Pin).  I use all these to show behind the scenes what I am working on, and to show off new creations for my shop, and for my inspiration, and to announce coupon codes and sales and giveaways.  And I will announce this here first- when my Facebook page gets 100 likes I will give all of my followers a coupon code to my shop.  I'm at 85 right now, help me get there!  And I do hope that so many of you who had stories of those you would love to share my bib with will consider going to my shop and picking out just the perfect one for that little baby in your life.  My processing and shipping are quick- order by Wednesday and I will be sure to get it to you in time for Christmas.

     And thank you for stopping by, and checking my blog out, and taking the time to read my rambling. And here it is at last.  The winner (chosen by random number generating website, and then counting up from the first comment) is...

I think I would choose yellow, but it is a hard call because they are both GORGEOUS! I love the fabric. My 9-month old daughter is loving the finger foods but mama is not loving the mess, so that bib would be put to good work immediately!

Amanda, I will email you right now!  If you do not hear from me today, get in touch with me here or through one of my many other links on this page.

In other news...

   The countdown to Christmas is getting serious, and the "to make" list is not shrinking as quickly as it probably should me.  And this is one of those times I (kind of) wish no one in my family read my blog or followed me in the million other ways I can be followed, because seriously (seriously) I am making some awesome things (if I don't say so myself! hahaha!) and I want to show them all to you!

So instead I will show you our tiny christmas tree (10 month old learning to walk who is obsessed with plants of all kinds, means no big tree on the floor, only tiny tree on the table.)

And I will show you Annie helping us untangle the lights.

And Annie's opinion of staying in the house to work on projects when there are perfectly good walks to be taken, dog parks to visit and swings and slides to be played on.
Dog leashes around the neck clearly mean "take me on a walk, now, mama!"

And these paper whites on my desk trying to reach around the corner to the sunlight, so close to opening up, one of my favorite signs that Christmas time is here.         

And once again, I will say thank you- for reading, for commenting, for sharing your stories with me, and for the nice words.  And please come back! I do not write nearly as often as I should, but I am always promising to try harder on that front, and I love having new friends to share my adventures with!

Monday, December 9, 2013

It's Giveaway Day!

     This somehow totally and completely snuck up on me this year! I have been so excited about being a part of Sew, Mama, Sew's bi-annual Giveaway Day, thinking and planning what it is I would like to give away, dreaming of new readers finding my little (recently much neglected) blog.  And then something happened.  I started planning and creating all of the Christmas presents I am making for those I love this year, and completely forgot I am actually trying to run a business here too.  I haven't added new items to the shop (ok, ok, I haven't even sewn those new items, but I did buy some exciting new fabrics.)  I haven't done any blogging- Christmas project tutorials or otherwise.  My Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram pages have been shockingly quiet.  But man, oh man, has my pen been sketching, have my scissors been cutting and has my sewing machine been loudly humming away.

     And in the midst of all this frantic, exciting, love filled creating, Giveaway Day was probably the most forgotten of all of my plans!  So here I am, a few hours into the beginning of giveaway day, just writing my post now.

     For those of you who were already my readers, and didn't find this post through Sew, Mama, Sew, Giveaway Day is actually a week!  Today through Friday, December 13th at 5PM PST.  The way it works is this: You read my post, you get super excited about the amazing Fun Little Thing I am giving away, you leave a comment answering my question.  On Saturday, December 14th I randomly choose a commenter to win the item, I announce the winner here, we get in touch and I put it in the mail before December 20th!

     And for those of you who found me through Sew, Mama, Sew.  Thank you so much for clicking through to check out my blog and my bibs!  Welcome, Welcome!  I am so happy you are here.  If you have a chance, click back through some of my older posts, I have tutorials, new product announcements, sale announcements, and lots of pictures of my beautiful 10 month old daughter and all the adventures we have been up to lately.  I love new followers here and through all my other social media ways to share what I am sewing and what we are doing with our days.

    So enough of the boring details, here is the important part, what on Earth I am actually giving away.

     One lucky winner will get to choose either the pink or yellow Heather Ross Briar Rose Bee Bib!
I will even ship internationally for the first time ever! 

    I am in love with this entire fabric line and have created bibs, aprons, a romper for Annie and maybe one secret Christmas present out of fabrics from this line since its release a few months ago.  And I am particularly obsessed with these little bee ladies, wearing their kerchiefs on their heads, hard at work making me honey for my tea!

So now, here is your chance!  Leave me a comment telling me if you win, if you would like the pink or the yellow bib, and who in your life needs all the help they can get protecting those tiny clothes from drool, first food adventures and leaky sippy cups! And if you do not have a blogger account, please leave your name with your comment so I have a way of finding the winner!

PS I will try really hard to write another post, coming soon, with talk of my first wholesale order, Thanksgiving travel adventures, Annie almost walking, and a few vague, blurry pictures of secret Christmas projects in the works!