Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Lesson I am struggling to learn...

    When something isn't working, and you know it, stop, do not keep forcing it because now is the time you have.  Do not tell yourself, whatever, it is good enough.  Because you know, and you know, you know, that in the end you will still think its crap, and you will spend 6 times as long undoing it so that you can do it right again.  And in the words of my mom (because mom's are pretty much always right about these things, as well as about whether or not you have a seam ripper,) "If something's worth doing, it's worth doing right."

    And while it may seem like I am talking about some big, life direction, decision sort of stuff here, I am really talking about sewing! And also, my sewing machine is now in time out for being rude.

 But man, they sure are going to be cute when they're done!

     So now I am ripping seams before I can redo; all while getting ready to leave our very high maintenance, wild animal kingdom house and head to Ventura for a week on the beach with the whole family!!! Woo!!!  No work, 7 adults, 3 babies, 1 toddler, lots of food and giggles and love, and hopefully some sleep for everyone! And getting ready to celebrate my Golden Birthday on Friday!  Now, anyone who knows me pretty much knows I take birthday excitement quite seriously.  I may have even been known to make myself sparkly birthday crowns and wear them around all day, at ages others would not necessarily wear sparkly crowns around all day.  But my Golden Birthday is something I have been excitedly waiting for since Sara Noel's Golden Birthday when we were 10 (when I thought it was super, extra unfair I had to wait until I was OLD to have mine.)

I hope you are all having a fantastic week and not having to relearn any annoying and frustrating lessons you should have really gotten the hang of by now!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Swaddle, Snuggle, Crawl, Love

     Swaddle blankets! Snuggle blankets! Carriage blankets! Crib blankets! Stroller blankets! Car seat blankets! Play date in the park blankets! Tummy time blankets!  Whatever you call them, I love them and can't get enough of them.  We have blankets knit chock full of love from Nanny, blankets given with love from friends, and blankets sewn with love from fabric bought with love just waiting to see her on the outside.  Full of beautiful colors and textures, and much easier to keep clean than the floors in this house/wild animal kingdom.  And lately we spend two or three naps a day wrapped up in one, rocking and rocking and feeling each other breathe.

    Now with this serious level of love I feel wrapped up in Annie's blankets, I obviously can not stop myself from sewing more and more of them.  I know I have blogged about them here and there before, but as I sit here, rocking, with Annie snuggled under one, I decided they deserved their very own post.  A few months ago I posted a tutorial to make your very own baby blankets!  I have altered my pattern since the original tutorial and I think the change makes them look cleaner, more classical and totally gorgeous.  It also happens to help them hold up better with washing after washing, so serious win/win here!  Click here to see the original tutorial!

    All of my blankets are one of a kind.  There is so much gorgeous fabric in the world and only so much time to sew blankets (and to be serious, only so much money in this old Fun Little Things business account to buy fabric) so I get exactly enough to make one blanket from each print and once it is sold, that is that.  Sometimes, this makes me sad and I don't really want to wrap them up and ship them off, except then I remember, oh yeah, this is a business.  Selling things is good.  It is just a blanket.  Let it go.

     My newest fabric obsession for these blankets is Nani Iro Double Gauze.  It is light, as soft as a cloud (trust me here, I touch clouds all the time) and has gorgeous patterns with vibrant colors that are perfectly showcased in a big square. I have a few made from different fabric lines I just couldn't pass up because of their colors and shapes and all around fabulousness.  To see more pictures or get one for yourself click the links after the pictures.  And so here it is, after all that, check them out, ooh and ahh, Pin to your heart's content, and even better, buy one for yourself or someone you love to get to do some extra special snuggle time with the little one they love.

Rainbow Polka Dot Nani Iro

Birds and Flannel Gingham Swaddle

Pink Flowers and Stripes Nani Iro

Turquoise Polka Dots Nani Iro

Blue Flowers Nani Iro

Pink Animal Alphabet Flannel Herringbone

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Excitement and Inspiration

    There have been times since starting this business when I have been really excited about blogging about my thoughts on starting a creative business, and all the amazing things going on in my life in general.  There have also been times when I have been excited to learn about accounting/marketing/pricing - all completely new to me.  And then there are times, like the last few weeks, when I am completely enamored with sewing!  I can't stop looking at and buying new, amazing fabrics.  I am thinking up entirely new projects to make for the shop.  I am sketching ideas, making plans, measuring. I am sneaking every free second I can to cut and press and pin and sew.  I am giddy with the final product!

    And these are the times this blog gets a little quiet.  And the times my floors and bathroom and laundry get a little neglected (but not the kitchen, a dirty kitchen makes me crazy).  Annie is very good at helping me pick out fabric, and a little bit good at helping me sew from her bumbo next to my sewing machine, but most of the sewing happens during naps or after bedtime, because when that little love is awake we are much too busy having fun (and eating) to worry about work!

So here are the new projects, finally done after lots of bit by bit excitement! Click any of the links in the captions to see more pictures and details in my shop!

Aprons for your little helpers, chefs, artists, scientists!

Ooh! Get me one of these!

Science fabric? Amazing!

Wait, this one is so cute!

It is so hard to decide!

These sweet flowers would be perfect for...

ooh, but I can't resist vintage feedsack fabric!

I might just have to get a few

All those sea creatures!

Aliens, Robots and Spaceships!!!

Tiny crabs? Yum!

I also have made some new baby blankets out of the most amazing fabric!  For those of you who haven't seen or felt it before, Nani Iro double gauze is imported from Japan and if fabric could feel like a magical cloud, this would be it!  I have no idea what they are doing, but I know that every time I am around it I need to hold it in my hands, and sometimes rub it on my face.  They also have beautiful prints.  What could be better for a blanket for the softest and most beautiful little humans!  So obviously, I am obsessed and have started hoarding this fabric.  Each blanket is one of a kind so that I have an excuse to buy as many of her prints as I can find.  One has sold already, you don't want to miss your chance... just sayin'... 

Ooh, pretty!

Polka Dots

I love this one!

I have two more I just finished, with listings coming as soon as I can sneak a second to take some pictures, and most likely more coming after that when I see more of this fabric I just have to buy.  

I have also been getting really inspired to sew dresses and bloomers and shirts and all sorts of adorable things for Annie from some blogs I read.  Check out the work of these amazing women!  Such creative, talented, hard working mamas!  

The tumble tee!  Pattern created and for sale by Imagine Gnats.  Here is the link to her pattern, search on pinterest to see lots of different amazing variations of this tiny t shirt


Bloomers!  I made one pair following this FREE pattern and am obsessed! Can't wait to make more!


This tiny dress from the amazing women at Purl Bee


I have made this dress, and embroidered the bloomers to match.  They are both incredibly beautiful!  I think the dress will work better in a larger size when Annie can walk, it is a little narrow and constricting for all of the rolling, wiggling and flailing that is going on as we are learning to crawl around here and definitely do not want to sit still.  I want to try to adapt the pattern to have more gathered fabric and add a little "wiggle" room!

What projects are you excited about these days?  What is inspiring you?  Spread the excitement love!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Necessity

Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit. 
- Edward Abbey

- John Muir

Kindles and camera battery charging,

To do and want to do before we go list made,

So close to done on this want to do,

Looks just about perfect,

Off we go tomorrow morning!  My brain has been full of blog thoughts, about projects, and business, and balance and baby food, but I'm letting it all go, heading to the farmers market, getting going on that list and leaving the rest till next week.

Have a fantastic weekend full of sunshine, giggles, snuggles, good food and fresh air!