Saturday, August 24, 2013

Swaddle, Snuggle, Crawl, Love

     Swaddle blankets! Snuggle blankets! Carriage blankets! Crib blankets! Stroller blankets! Car seat blankets! Play date in the park blankets! Tummy time blankets!  Whatever you call them, I love them and can't get enough of them.  We have blankets knit chock full of love from Nanny, blankets given with love from friends, and blankets sewn with love from fabric bought with love just waiting to see her on the outside.  Full of beautiful colors and textures, and much easier to keep clean than the floors in this house/wild animal kingdom.  And lately we spend two or three naps a day wrapped up in one, rocking and rocking and feeling each other breathe.

    Now with this serious level of love I feel wrapped up in Annie's blankets, I obviously can not stop myself from sewing more and more of them.  I know I have blogged about them here and there before, but as I sit here, rocking, with Annie snuggled under one, I decided they deserved their very own post.  A few months ago I posted a tutorial to make your very own baby blankets!  I have altered my pattern since the original tutorial and I think the change makes them look cleaner, more classical and totally gorgeous.  It also happens to help them hold up better with washing after washing, so serious win/win here!  Click here to see the original tutorial!

    All of my blankets are one of a kind.  There is so much gorgeous fabric in the world and only so much time to sew blankets (and to be serious, only so much money in this old Fun Little Things business account to buy fabric) so I get exactly enough to make one blanket from each print and once it is sold, that is that.  Sometimes, this makes me sad and I don't really want to wrap them up and ship them off, except then I remember, oh yeah, this is a business.  Selling things is good.  It is just a blanket.  Let it go.

     My newest fabric obsession for these blankets is Nani Iro Double Gauze.  It is light, as soft as a cloud (trust me here, I touch clouds all the time) and has gorgeous patterns with vibrant colors that are perfectly showcased in a big square. I have a few made from different fabric lines I just couldn't pass up because of their colors and shapes and all around fabulousness.  To see more pictures or get one for yourself click the links after the pictures.  And so here it is, after all that, check them out, ooh and ahh, Pin to your heart's content, and even better, buy one for yourself or someone you love to get to do some extra special snuggle time with the little one they love.

Rainbow Polka Dot Nani Iro

Birds and Flannel Gingham Swaddle

Pink Flowers and Stripes Nani Iro

Turquoise Polka Dots Nani Iro

Blue Flowers Nani Iro

Pink Animal Alphabet Flannel Herringbone

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