Monday, November 10, 2014

Mystery Maxi Maternity Dress DIY Tutorial

     Now, what could be better than a jersey, maxi, maternity dress?  Not much, except, oh, y'know, one made from your own measurements!  I am telling you, friends, this dress is the most comfortable thing I own- and that is including my pajamas!  Plus, it looks beautiful and you can wear it to fancy occasions, doing errands or just hanging out around the house.  You could just make a whole bunch of these and not ever need other clothes.  And the cut of the top is perfect for nursing in, so no need to stop wearing it after your amazing little baby is born!  

   "But, wait…" you say.  "I can't just make a dress to my measurements with no pattern.  That is some sort of fancy advanced sewing I don't know how to do."

Wrong!  It's easy!  And I am going to tell you how, and even better I will show you!  I love a blog tutorial with copious amounts of pictures.  You don't know this blogger, you don't know if they have a clue what they are talking about.  Sometimes, the explanations make no sense.  But pictures!  Pictures prove it will work out, pictures explain that tricky step so much more clearly and simply than bloggers ever could.  So get ready friends, because this post has A LOT of pictures.  

     And speaking of this whole not knowing if it will work out… that is exactly why this dress is called the Mystery Maxi Maternity (MMM) Dress.  When I started working I had no idea if what I believed I could do would actually work out, but it did! Magic! Amazing!  So enough messing around, here it is (after the jump)!