Thursday, September 19, 2013

If I don't say so myself!

    I love, I mean, LOVE designing patterns!  In the past I have invented patterns for Halloween costumes (which usually involves a lot of poking myself or Kyle with pins,) a diaper bag and a very simple dress for myself (check out the blog tutorial on that one, bad paint drawings and all!) These pattern inventions were all pretty quick and simple, involved a lot of making it up as I went along and had varying levels of success (with the diaper bag definitely being my favorite on the list!)  But this romper I designed... I am really proud of myself and feel super PRO-fessional!

     This was the first time that I feel like I actually designed a real pattern.  I spent weeks, or maybe months, mulling it over in my head, talking about it, thinking about it doing it, but not really about how.  I bought fabric for it (shocking!)  And I waited and thought some more.  Then slowly at first, and like a crazy person over the last few days, I really got my creative brain working.  I drew pictures.  I did math.  I measured outfits that fit Annie now.  I looked at other patterns and online tutorials.  I took a little bit from here and a little bit from there and some other stuff too and changed and combined them to make it just what I really wanted it to be.  To make it mine.  I worked and took breaks and came back with fresh eyes.  I woke up in the night thinking of just the right way to do the snaps.  I had doubts.  I changed and crossed out and redrew.

And then... I turned this mess...

into this!

     Annie really wanted to help show you all how you can do all sorts of wiggly, crazy shenanigans and everything stays just where it should! We love rompers in these learning to crawl days we are having around here!

     I took notes as I worked that maybe only another Virgo could appreciate.  I noted and worked out a few little changes I want to make (to make a bit more room in the bum).  And now I am ready to make more!  What do you think friends, would you like to see rompers in the shop? 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


     Sometimes I have the beginnings of a blog post in my head.  Or maybe, not quite the beginnings, but little pieces, here and there.  And in my head they are just how I feel and what I want to say, when I did not even know I had wanted to say anything in the first place.  And usually I discover these bits and pieces while driving in the car, or on a walk or in some other completely blog inconvenient time and place, but I think to myself, that's ok, it's a good start, and when I get a chance to sit down and think and write, these bits and pieces will be there, and I will be able to place them in an order and a context that makes sense.  And I think, hmmm... I was maybe going to work on that pattern I have been planning during this afternoon's nap, but now I think I will blog, because these little pieces deserve their space and time.

     And then, I have the space and time and the little pieces have gone into hiding.  Or they are hanging out on the edge and do not want to get into an order or a context that makes sense.

     So fine, little pieces, hang out on that edge, I will hit save on that post about how my creative sewing inspiration is changing as the people and babies that I love are getting older and definitely now that I get to spend my days and nights with the baby that I love the most.  That one will have to wait until another day.  You have missed your chance, little pieces.

     And sometimes, I may just be procrastinating taking the first real step on a project I am excited about, but don't really know how to start, and I should just pick up the ruler and tracing paper and scissors and get to work.

Don't judge my handwriting!
What are you procrastinating these days and what super important thing (other than reading my blog) are you doing in the process?

P.S.  Annie has been asleep for an hour and I just realized the Raffi Pandora station is still playing on my phone.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Heart

    We are home, unpacked, catching up on sleep and wishing we were back on the beach.  A week in Ventura with Nanny, Grampy, Auntie Lu, Auntie Em and Uncle Andy, Cousins Jack, Norah and Shelby playing on the beach, in the waves, with rubber duckies, trucks, teethers, a pirate party for my golden birthday, eating and more eating, watching a lot of Ice Age, reading, one hysterical game of catch phrase, a momentous hike, laughing and less sleep for some than for others.  As always, Nanny and Auntie Lu did a much better job of getting amazing pictures than I did.  I actually brought my camera and it sat, turned off, on a shelf behind Annie's Cosleeper the whole week.  Here are the few I managed to catch on my phone.  

Toast and Cheerios!  Even Annie got in on the amazing food this week.
Cousins!  Catching 3 smiles, no screams and no blurry faces is tricky!

Oh, thanks Sister! Excellent footrest!

Enjoying the last sunset of the week.  

Aunties sure are good for naps, but hold tight to those snacks, you never know when they might try to steal your goldfish.  

Lego planes with DP

It's a hard life!

Playing in the waves with Nanny!

Yum!!!! Thanks Cheeky!

Early morning cuddles!  (sorry, Em, its the only one I had of you!)

As soon as Annie realized how far south we had come she tried to turn the car around!
    Now we are searching the city for more fans and a kiddie pool, wishing we were back with the people we love (and where you could just go down the stairs, try to avoid the feisty barnacles and dip your toes in the ocean to bring that body temperature down!) and starting to plot when we can all be together again.  And in the meantime I sure am having a lot of fun with this!  

Happy Birthday to me! Janome HD 1000 and so far I am in love!
I have an amazing husband who knows me so well!