Thursday, September 19, 2013

If I don't say so myself!

    I love, I mean, LOVE designing patterns!  In the past I have invented patterns for Halloween costumes (which usually involves a lot of poking myself or Kyle with pins,) a diaper bag and a very simple dress for myself (check out the blog tutorial on that one, bad paint drawings and all!) These pattern inventions were all pretty quick and simple, involved a lot of making it up as I went along and had varying levels of success (with the diaper bag definitely being my favorite on the list!)  But this romper I designed... I am really proud of myself and feel super PRO-fessional!

     This was the first time that I feel like I actually designed a real pattern.  I spent weeks, or maybe months, mulling it over in my head, talking about it, thinking about it doing it, but not really about how.  I bought fabric for it (shocking!)  And I waited and thought some more.  Then slowly at first, and like a crazy person over the last few days, I really got my creative brain working.  I drew pictures.  I did math.  I measured outfits that fit Annie now.  I looked at other patterns and online tutorials.  I took a little bit from here and a little bit from there and some other stuff too and changed and combined them to make it just what I really wanted it to be.  To make it mine.  I worked and took breaks and came back with fresh eyes.  I woke up in the night thinking of just the right way to do the snaps.  I had doubts.  I changed and crossed out and redrew.

And then... I turned this mess...

into this!

     Annie really wanted to help show you all how you can do all sorts of wiggly, crazy shenanigans and everything stays just where it should! We love rompers in these learning to crawl days we are having around here!

     I took notes as I worked that maybe only another Virgo could appreciate.  I noted and worked out a few little changes I want to make (to make a bit more room in the bum).  And now I am ready to make more!  What do you think friends, would you like to see rompers in the shop? 

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