Wednesday, October 9, 2013


    I am such a delinquent blogger!  According to my FLT facebook insights, my post views are down 90% from last week!  Bad facebooker!  But I promise I really have been busy, busy, busy actually making and only accidentally keeping it all a secret!

     This time last year I was frantically getting ready for, and promoting, the North Park Craft Mafia Dia de los Muertos Craft Show (which despite my excitement and high hopes, turned out to be an enormous bust).  This year I am getting ready for, and only now remembering to take the time to promote, the Golden Hill Street Fair!  But somehow, magically and amazingly, I am not frantic at all!  I am excited about all the new things I am sewing.  I am excited about my new (and much more beautiful) booth set up.  I am excited to spend the day meeting new people, visiting with friends and sharing what I make (while listening to live music and eating yummy food truck grub!)  And in my excitement I am really working every chance that I get.  Cutting, sewing, embroidering, popping out windows and stapling on chicken wire, photoshopping new business cards, photoshooting new items with my amazing and adorable model in the park.  Life is hard! Ha! How incredibly lucky I am that dressing Annie up and taking pictures in the park is work!

    So yes, I am only now getting to talking about the street fair, but here it is:

Golden Hill Street Fair
Sunday, October 13th
25th St, between B and C
Live Music, Food Trucks, Local Arts and Crafts Vendors, Stone Beer Garden
Kids Play Area, Community Fun
and Fun Little Things

Check out the event facebook page and come visit me!

I know I can count on my Golden Hill crew to check it out, I would love to see ALL my San Diego friends, and you LA people... it's really not that far and the weather should be lovely!

Now for the good stuff I know most of you are really here to see!

Dresses and rompers will be for sale for the first time ever on Sunday, (we will see how many I can get made before then) and they will be coming to the shop shortly after that.  I am so excited about these patterns I designed and the gorgeous fabrics I am working with (bought on my birthday trip to Purl Tustin- Purl Soho's awesome west coast warehouse I only recently, and quite dangerously, learned you could actually shop at!)

Also, it is rainy and chilly and I love it!  Annie has been asking me nonstop if can we make soup and oatmeal bread, and today I can finally say yes!

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