Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Street Fair

     What a weekend!  Saturday was full of more last minute organizing and sewing than I was expecting.  I kept thinking I was on the verge of being done, but then convincing myself there was time for one last project.  In the end the dresses and bloomers were finished, but not the rompers (but they were oh, so close!) Kyle was on snap and paper-cutter duty!  Annie was on being cute and reminding me to take breaks duty!

    And Sunday! Sunday was crazy, and long, and fun, and the best yet FLT sales day!  The fair was only 2 blocks down the street, perfect for my first fair since Annie was born.  We had breakfast, did some crawling and I put her down for a nap, then finished loading the car and left Dad in charge for the day (except when Shelly came to play and Kyle came to help me hang my heavy old windows!)  I love how my new booth set up turned out!

It is always hard to take a good picture of the booth with just my phone.  Bright outside (because in San Diego, sunny and 80 degrees on a mid-October morning is a normal thing) and dark under my tent.  Instagram helped brighten things up a little bit!  Once things started I didn't get another second to take a picture until it was already getting dark!  But here are a few Christmas and clip light lit up close shots!

Aprons, dresses and bloomers on one of my super
cute new/ heavy old windows

Swaddle blankets on the garden trellis, clutches and onesies on the table!

More Onesies on the tomato cage, diaper bags hanging and bibs down low.  

Bibs on the window in front!  

     Throughout the day I spent time talking to friends and neighbors.  Kyle and Annie came to visit three times.  I met lots of nice families.  I made friends in the booths surrounding me.  And I met a woman who runs a store selling goods made by local artists and she wants to sell my bibs and onesies!  And don't worry, I will definitely keep you all updated if anything comes of this!  The fair was packed with people and there was a constant flow of people in and out of my booth.  People who really appreciated the quality of my work and my fabric choices, who couldn't decide which item they were more excited about buying, who wanted to take cards and check out my Etsy shop.  It was so nice!  

    I will be honest though, and say that I could have done without the last two hours of the fair.  All the nice families had gone home for dinner and bed.  Everyone left had had more than a few beers in the beer garden, and if they found their way into my booth, tried to haggle prices with me and let me know in not so kind of ways that they did not agree with my pricing.  My booth also happened to be right across from the bar, which led to about 50 people standing in front of my booth smoking.  Smoking.  In front of a booth full of baby clothes.  Gross.  Gross.  So now everything will be washed and ironed and I hope will be no worse for it.  I hope.  

     By the time I got home, 12 hours after leaving, Annie was asleep and Kyle had thai food waiting.  I got the truck into the alley.  Kyle backed it in through the gate and we left everything for the morning.  I showered off the smoke (gross) and ate yellow curry and pad se ew and eggplant tofu and had one of the last two Firestone 805s hanging out in the fridge.  It was lovely.  

Monday was a day of cleaning up, putting away and organizing.  And today...

Today! Nanny is on her way!  Half an hour till we head to the airport to pick her up!  Everyone was a little too excited to sleep last night and thankfully at least one of those anyones is having a bit of a nap right now.  And I am enjoying a nap not stuffed full of as much sewing as possible.  A nap used for some laundry and a little bit of picking up and time to check in here and share all my excitement with you.  

Oh, and this is happening all of a sudden - 

No big deal, right?

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