Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Heart

    We are home, unpacked, catching up on sleep and wishing we were back on the beach.  A week in Ventura with Nanny, Grampy, Auntie Lu, Auntie Em and Uncle Andy, Cousins Jack, Norah and Shelby playing on the beach, in the waves, with rubber duckies, trucks, teethers, a pirate party for my golden birthday, eating and more eating, watching a lot of Ice Age, reading, one hysterical game of catch phrase, a momentous hike, laughing and less sleep for some than for others.  As always, Nanny and Auntie Lu did a much better job of getting amazing pictures than I did.  I actually brought my camera and it sat, turned off, on a shelf behind Annie's Cosleeper the whole week.  Here are the few I managed to catch on my phone.  

Toast and Cheerios!  Even Annie got in on the amazing food this week.
Cousins!  Catching 3 smiles, no screams and no blurry faces is tricky!

Oh, thanks Sister! Excellent footrest!

Enjoying the last sunset of the week.  

Aunties sure are good for naps, but hold tight to those snacks, you never know when they might try to steal your goldfish.  

Lego planes with DP

It's a hard life!

Playing in the waves with Nanny!

Yum!!!! Thanks Cheeky!

Early morning cuddles!  (sorry, Em, its the only one I had of you!)

As soon as Annie realized how far south we had come she tried to turn the car around!
    Now we are searching the city for more fans and a kiddie pool, wishing we were back with the people we love (and where you could just go down the stairs, try to avoid the feisty barnacles and dip your toes in the ocean to bring that body temperature down!) and starting to plot when we can all be together again.  And in the meantime I sure am having a lot of fun with this!  

Happy Birthday to me! Janome HD 1000 and so far I am in love!
I have an amazing husband who knows me so well!

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