Monday, September 17, 2012

The Glad Game

     I don't know how many of you are like me and were obsessed with Hayley Mills as a child (Ha! As a child! Who am I kidding? I still love her!) but I am totally having a Pollyanna day!  I thought I would share some of my sunshine with all of you!  For those who haven't seen the movie, Pollyanna is a little orphan girl who goes to live with her rich but grumpy Aunt, but she is pretty much perpetually happy and drives everyone crazy/ makes everyone love her by always seeing the bright side in situations and playing "the glad game."

     So here is my version of the glad game today!

 21 Bibs cut, sewn, ironed and awaiting snaps to be ready for the Solana Beach market this Sunday.  1-5 pm for those in the area!  I love all of these fabrics and felt the need to ooh and ahh at every one of these as I ironed them.  Ed Emberley, Dia de los Muertos, citrus, floral, upcycled tie dye, organic foxes!
I bought these flowers at Trader Joe's! They are beautiful and I did such a good job of picking them out!

     I love my new yoga shirt! I wore it to the grocery store and am wearing it all day in preparation for class tonight.  I put it on and thought "look how cute I look!"  Something that doesn't happen every day or in many of my clothes after gaining 22 pounds in the last 5 months.  I do love my growing baby belly and spend a lot of time touching it and thinking about how cute it is, but getting dressed doesn't always go this well.

My bed is soon to have clean sheets!

      I am making No Knead Bread for dinner tonight! For those of you that haven't made it, super easy and delicious, you just have to remember to start it the night before, which I actually did! Woo me!
     We are having it with braised short ribs.  This is normally a special occasion meal.  The occasion here is that we were in Whole Foods (looking for pumpkin beer for Kyle) and they looked delicious!

     Blasting the Adele Pandora station on my awesome little speaker (birthday present from my super amazing husband) which makes "working from home" so much more enjoyable!  I don't have to carry my phone around with me from room to room and stop sewing to hear the good parts.
     Thinking about switching to the Jimmy Buffet station for the afternoon.  Both great for singing along too really loudly!

Three order/ gifts for friends packed up and ready to be shipped out! And I actually saw the mailman come today and was able to get him to take them! USPS online shipping is fabulous. 

      And probably one of the biggest reasons I am loving life today... It is only 78 degrees inside my house. This weekend in it was about 106 outside at my house, and without air conditioning in this old house, that means even with the fan blasting, it was about 95 inside my house all weekend.  

Even at night.

This made me very grumpy.

And most importantly! My life is filled with lots of love and wonderful family and friends!  This picture is from camping a few weeks ago, but it is how I feel today!

I hope you are all having fabulous days as well and that this is the start to a fabulous week!

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  1. I love the glad game!! Its great to be reminded about the small things that make us happy all day long!