Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Like, Serious Amounts of Whoa!

You guys!  More than a month since I have last written here, and so much has been going on!

We moved!  Out of our little green house in San Diego,

And into my parents' beautiful house, overlooking the ocean, full of family and dogs and cats (and love) in Aptos.  We are so incredibly lucky to get to live in this place, with my parents and little sister, while we get settled, decide where we want to live and try to buy a house.

I am spoiled rotten.

We have been loving loving family every day!  Early morning walks with Nanny, Grampy and 4 dogs.  Making faces at Auntie Lu across the dinner table.  Plllbbtt-ing at Grampy during breakfast.  Days filled with walks in the woods, trips to the pool, playing at the beach, exploring the aquarium, climbing ladders, swinging on swings, sliding down slides, running, giggling, snacking and a little bit of learning how to share with Nanny and Auntie Em and Jack and Norah and Shelby!  Camp Fun is living up to its name.  Good, fun, long and busy days, filled with a lot of love and laughter and just a little bit of tears, making for great naps and later mornings than we have had in a seriously long time.

3 of my very favorite artists.  

Do not stop driving!

Touch pool!  

Shelby <3s Auggie!

New dog park/ playground


We went to the fair!



Ok, I know you can not actually see any of these things, but Annie's faces!!!

And new baby girl and I are 24 weeks along!  This belly seems a whole lot bigger than this point last time around.

I had an awesome beach/ playing with glow sticks and glow in the dark parachute launcher things while eating cake, party for my 31st birthday!  And obviously, I got to wear a crown!

We have found a new yoga studio.  It is not Mosaic (to which nothing could ever compare or will ever be as good), but I think its a good fit and I'm going to like it.  A new kind of studio for the place we are at in life these days.  Not only Mommy and Me yoga, but also Crawler and Me, our favorite Toddler and Me, big kid yoga classes, prenatal yoga classes (which I haven't tried yet, but am really planning to,) vinyasa classes (which kicked my butt after more than a month off,) childcare I will probably never use, filled with super friendly people, tea, couches and kids toys in the lobby and some very peaceful and enticing looking massage rooms in the back.

A new car for Kyle!  His commute is horrible and way too long.  We miss him and he misses us.  But at least now he has a brand new car with blue tooth, fancy display options and awesome gas mileage to spend those 4 hours a day in.  And it's not all bad, because for now at least he is carpooling with Lucy and they are blasting through the Divergent audio books as they blast (and by blast I obviously mean go a little less slowly than the rest of afternoon traffic) down the carpool lane!

And in FLT news-

Another wholesale order out to Sprouts Children's Boutique in Whitefish, Montana.  Three other bib orders out to customers.

The shop closed for two weeks while we moved, and reopened- inventory refreshed, cleaned up and cleaned out.

I am discontinuing my onesie line.  I loved seeing them on Annie when she was little, and I love seeing them in pictures from friends, family and customers, but I no longer love making them.  I am uninspired by embroidery right now.  When an order would could in, I would feel blegh instead of yay, and I would procrastinate.  I did not start my own business to feel blegh about what I was making and selling.    I still have a few for sale- those that are already made.  Get them now before it's too late- even if you are just saving them for future babies you will love.  I will still sell Halloween and Day of the Dead onesies available in all sizes and sleeve lengths for the month of October and Christmas onesies after Thanksgiving.  I love holidays and making those designs gets me excited and in the spirit, and does not make me feel blegh.  It was a hard decision to make, the first big change for my shop since I started this business.  As soon as a I said it out loud to the people I love, I knew it was the right decision and one I needed to make, and I feel better having made it.
So, sorry all you triathlon people.  That set of three onesies was a hit, but I am over it and they are gone!  You missed your chance!

I keep promising new swaddle blanket, dress, shorts and bloomers listings.  I'm going to make that promise again.  Soon! I promise!  Well, at least I am really going to try!  Although I may have missed the shorts, bloomers and dresses season around here.  A little something special for my friends in Australia maybe.  Or San Diego, I hear it's still really hot there.

My shop is going to be featured for a week in October on the website, newsletter and Facebook of a pretty amazing, all organic fabric store!  Definitely stay tuned for news of that!

Big plans for a grown up apron tutorial- maybe this week!

Plotting and designing a maternity maxi dress.  Hopefully one nice enough I can wear it to the wedding of some good friends in Orange County in just a few weeks.  And hopefully I can do it this week for Selfish Sewing Week.  Watch your Instagram (@gracefunlittlethings) to see what happens!

If this actually works out there will be tutorial for this too! 

Bought the fabric yesterday.  This dress might be weird, or it just might be really cute!

New Go To Leggings for Annie because for some reason this girl keeps growing.  I love everything about these leggings!  Fun and easy to sew, and so incredibly adorable on her little bum and legs.  The 3T is really the right size these days, but she still wears the 2T and 12m pairs I have made her, just as smaller and tighter capris.  The 12m is really starting to push it though, might finally have to put those away soon.  But dude! They are so cute!  It's hard!

I so want to sell these leggings in my shop, but it's not my pattern and I feel shady selling things I made but did not design.  The pattern is copyrighted.  It does state to contact the designer for a license to sell, maybe I will look into that.  What do you all think?  Any interest in seeing these in my shop?

I think that is all the news for now!  We miss friends in San Diego, but are excited to be home again.  Excited to be with family.  Excited for Annie to really have all her family as a part of her life, not just people to FaceTime with and visit every once in awhile.  Excited to spend time with the friends here we have missed.

I love watching the fog roll in at night, being surrounded by big trees and feeling like I am back where I belong.


  1. Camp Fun! I kind of want to live there.

    1. Haha! It first got the name Camp Fun when my parents would dog sit for us and take the dogs somewhere fun every day, but now it fits for us!

  2. Hi! Glad the move went well and you are having such a great time with family! Just wanted to pop in and tell you how insanely jealous I am that you are with your family right now... and what perfect timing while pregnant with a new baby...! My family is 900+ miles away and Texas is not and never will be my real home. I try to make the best of it, but it is just not right for me. And I am so sad every day about everything my family is missing of my daughter's life and what she is missing out on by being so far away from them. Oops, wasn't trying to make this a sob story about myself, just wanted to say thanks for the happy post! And congrats and best of luck with your shop changes! :)

    1. Hi friend! I am so sorry and totally understand how you are feeling! Before you have kids, being away from family is a little hard, and living somewhere that isn't home is kind of a fun adventure, but once you have babies you just want to be together! Lots of happy thoughts from us to you all and thanks, thanks, thanks!!!