Tuesday, April 28, 2015

6 Months?

Somehow it has been 6 months since I have written anything here!  6 Months! How could that be?  Other bloggers I follow have made these (slightly dramatic) "I am going on a blogging sabbatical while I focus on…" posts, and their breaks last less than 6 months.  And while I never made the conscious decision to take a  break from this blog and I certainly never wrote a post about it, I have been off, focusing on things that are much more important.

These two most important things.

And in that time, I have had posts to write bouncing around in my head.  I even wrote one out with pen and paper on the edge of my glider while nursing.  And I typed it up, too.  But in all the time that took, and before I had uploaded pictures, I realized that a Valentine's Day food post was just too silly to publish in mid-March.  So it sits, unfinished, in my blogger dashboard.  Maybe next February.

And the longer I go without writing; the harder it gets, the more there is to say, the more I want to share, the longer and more confusing and less focused the post would become.  So it gets longer and longer.  But I want to get back here, at least for short posts now and then.  I am not going to magically become one of those three times a week bloggers I hear are all the rage, but hopefully I will be back before 6 months pass again.

So, in the words of my good friend Inigo Montoya…

We bought a house.

Moved to a new town that we love.

We have done lots of fun new house projects.

Annie's 2nd Christmas was pretty awesome.

June!!! January 12th at 11:51 am.  Incredible. blessed. beautiful. perfect. So much more, I can not even begin to sum up this one.

Annie's 2nd birthday was pretty awesome too.

I may have cried a little bit getting ready for the party.
Hormones, man! And lack of sleep!  But look how sweet and amazing
this big kid of mine is!
And everything and every day since.  A baby and a toddler is amazing and makes my heart explode with love at least daily, but it is also no joke.  They like to do a thing I call tag team sleeping.  The good of this is I get some one on one time with each of them.  The flip side is very little time for sewing, obviously none for blogging, and that whole cleaning house and folding laundry and doing dishes and cooking dinner thing is a little tricky too.  Oh yeah, and playing with the dogs from time to time.

We are getting in a groove, getting our routines down.  Most days we have it more or less together.  I am sneaking in sewing every now and then.  I have been to a few yoga classes.  I even got a new wholesale customer and my bibs are now being sold at Luma Yoga in downtown Santa Cruz!

So fortunate that we are living close to family once again.  I don't think we would be even remotely close to having it together without their help and support, friendship and love and help and help and help.  So, obviously the thing to do was bring home six, 1 day old chicks.  Obviously.

Dots, Rosey and Cleo (Ameracaunas), and 3 mostly unnamed, black and white
Marans.  Today I am calling them Midnight, Stormy and Stripes.

They are my sewing room buddies for now.  If they start to get stinky or if I can't handle the heat lamp (baby chicks need to be kept at 95 degrees for the first week!) we will move them to the sunroom and close off the cat door somehow to keep them safe.  And soonish they will go outside to a coop.  I guess we should get building that thing.  Nothing like a deadline.

If you are my real life family or friend, you already know all of this.  If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have figured it out.  If you are somehow reading this and are neither of those things, so glad I could catch you up, but… how did you find my blog? And check out my other posts, I've got some good stuff here!  Maybe even follow me on Bloglovin' or something similar. That would be pretty rad!

Hopefully now that I have gotten that all down here, I can come back more frequently and with less guilt for all the posts I have not written.  And hopefully I can actually write some of those posts that have been bouncing around in my head.

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  1. I love the sweet photo of Annie with her birthday cake. So cute! You should have zero guilt, though... you have been so busy!! I do know what you mean though about getting the updates done before you feel like you can post anything else. I sometimes start to feel bogged down with a backlog of blog post ideas too and the thought of trying to catch up keeps me from getting anywhere at all. But you definitely have your priorities in line - enjoy your sweet babies! :)