Sunday, November 25, 2012

Charming Gardeners

The beautiful thought written on our chalkboard right now:

"Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."
                                                                                 -Marcel Proust

There are so many people right now who are making me happy and for whom I am so grateful.

     A lot has been happening around here lately!  It all started with my amazing husband, Kyle's birthday.  The weekend before, some friends came to town (from far, far Orange County) to help us celebrate.  It also happened to be the beginning of San Diego Beer Week, so obviously, we all went to the Brewer's Guild Beer Festival downtown on the Broadway Pier.  It was a gorgeous setting, beautiful weather, local bands, delicious snacks from food trucks, an afternoon spent with great friends, and lots of dirty looks directed at me and my big belly despite my designated driver ticket and the fact that I was definitely not drinking any of the many, many beers there for sampling.  His actual birthday was spent at childbirth class.  Did I mention that Kyle is awesome?  Spent his 31st birthday at childbirth class, with a bunch of people we don't really know, eating sandwiches for dinner while sitting on some pillows on the floor.  We did bring cupcakes for the whole class though, and now everyone wants to be our friends!

     This past weekend was our San Diego baby shower.  I had no idea how beautiful my backyard could become!  Our phenomenal friend Shelly sewed maybe miles of adorable bunting, hung lanterns in the trees, covered tables with jars of little white flowers, cooked delicious food, brought champagne and lots of sparkling juice for me, arranged for us to be taken to brunch while all the work was done and organized games everyone loved (even the guys).  We had a beautiful and relaxing day being showered with love from her and all of our friends who were able to make it.

     A few days after that, I got to hang out with this guy!

My super cute and totally wonderful nephew, Jack!

We did some of this...
and this! 

We also did some of this:
 and a lot of chasing chickens!

     I do not get to see him (or my beautiful and amazing Big Sister) enough, and every time I see him he just gets cooler and cooler.  I got to spend two days with them, baking, watching planes, dancing, looking at trucks, skateboarding, playing with dogs, chasing chickens and napping.  

     Thanksgiving this year was just Kyle and I.  It was beautiful and relaxing and delicious.  We both missed family all day, but spent a great day together sleeping late, walking Lacey and cooking and cooking and cooking.  We lit candles, set the table with napkins from our wedding, laughed a lot and ate wayyyyyyyy too much food.  
And I know that the point that I am at least trying to make with all of this is that it is the people I love and who love me for which I am the most grateful this time of year, but I have to admit that I am also grateful for this:
Green bean casserole!  It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it!

     Not to be one of those people who quotes their yoga teacher, but I can't help it.  One of my teachers (the fantastic Sophie at Mosaic Yoga, whose classes I am addicted to) has been talking about how the month of November is a time to shut down, reevaluate and reboot to something new.  This feels so true and so right for me this week.  It has been an amazing month, but now is time to look forward to what is to come.

I am working on new Christmas ornaments to put up in my shop:
The first steps of planning! 
Halfway done! 
There will be 3 sets: red and gray, green and light green, and purple and blue.  They are all hand stitched with ecru embroidery thread with ivory ribbon to hang them on your tree or around the house.  They are made of beautiful and so soft wool felt that I absolutely could not resist buying as soon as I saw it for sale on Etsy.

They are done and for sale!  
     Tomorrow is Cyber Monday.  This means 10% off everything in my shop all day!  Just use code cybermonday (yes, I am very creative!).

     Tomorrow is also my giveaway day on SewMamaSew.  Anytime tomorrow (Monday, 11/26) visit their blog (which is also full of great tutorials and gift giving ideas for all kinds of different people in your life) and leave a comment for a chance to win these three bibs and two onesies from my shop.  I am so excited about the opportunity to be on this blog.  It is one of my favorites to read every day and I really appreciate the chance to be seen by their huge following.  I have learned so much in the last few months from the kindness of other bloggers trying to live a creative life.  There is so much networking and spreading the word that goes on in this world.  They make me feel like it can maybe, actually be done.  

     Tuesday I fly to my other home!  I get to spend 6 days with my family in Aptos.  There will undoubtedly be baking, dog walking, knitting and embroidering, shopping at my very favorite farmer's market of all in Santa Cruz, movie watching, eating lots of yummy food, giggling, long talks with my dad while doing the dishes and what I'm sure will be a beautiful and amazing baby shower!  I am also hoping for some serious fog and maybe even some rain.  *** Amendment to original statement*** Hoping for some rain on any day except Saturday for super fun outdoor baby shower activity purposes! I am so grateful for my entire family and all of the love and support they give me in all my crazy ventures.  San Diego is way too far from Aptos and all of my family and friends there, and I can not wait to spend as much time as I can with them.  

     Kyle will be holding down the fort at home.  Taking care of the crazy chickens.  Making sure Lacey gets plenty of cookies and cuddling.  Being on call to package up and send out any orders that come in while I am gone. Going to work.  And missing me!  Haha!  I know I will be missing him.  I am so grateful to him. Five months in to my decision to turn Fun Little Things into a business and spend a year exploring that possibility and being creative, and he is constantly supportive and optimistic!  

     I hope that you all had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend and are loving and appreciating all of the people in your life who make your soul blossom!  And to those who are flying or driving home today, ugh! Good luck!  I hope it is not too horrible out there on the roads and in the airports!   

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