Thursday, December 6, 2012

So Much Love!

      I just got home from a week at home!  Warning, I am going to be a little bit cheesy here (but lets be honest, I generally tend towards the cheesy, and even more so in these days of Christmas trees and baby showers).  The saying is that home is where the heart is, and it does really amaze me that my heart can live in two different places.
An actual puddle!  

     The week at home was amazing!  I got lots of rain and fog just like I wanted.  I know it makes it harder to drive and get anything productive done, but it is so cozy, and comforting and feels like home.  It also actually makes it feel like winter and the holidays.

      You can't see them in this picture, but there are lots of big, fat raindrops splashing into this puddle on the front porch.  This all made me legitimately giddy and feel a need to run around with my phone attempting to do justice to its beauty.

     Needless to say, my Instagram followers got to see quite a few of these pictures throughout the week!

I also got to look at this view every day.

It's hard to tell, but that dark gray out there over the treetops is the ocean!

     I went home for my family and Santa Cruz friends baby shower.  It was so fun to get to be with my family for 6 whole days and to help get things ready for the party.  So much planning and hard work went into the shower.  This baby girl and I feel so incredibly blessed and genuinely showered with love.  It is hard figuring out everything I need to figure out about being pregnant and getting ready to have a baby with my family so far away.  Yes, I talk to my mom on the phone at least once a day, but it is not anywhere near the same as being there and getting to talk all day, and look at baby things together, and her getting to feel hiccups through my big belly, and slightly freaking out my little sister by getting her to feel where is baby and where is just belly!  I also got to giggle a lot with both of my sisters, play with my super cool nephew, Jack and honorary nieces and nephew, Owen, Bella and Charlie, and have long talks after dinner with my dad while doing dishes (these talks really did make me miss having a glass of wine in my hand!) 

Throughout the week we made about 70 gingerbread cookies for friends to decorate at the shower,

Jack was even put to work!

many, many shortbread cookies for eating,


        coconut cupcakes,

macaroon Christmas trees,

Beautiful in the end, but Martha Stewart did lead us a
bit astray with this recipe

and a lemon cake.
   Yes, we like to bake!  We did all this and still managed to cook and eat delicious meals throughout the week, visit the Santa Cruz farmer's market, take a trip to Hart's fabric and go on some very rainy dog walks.

Oh, and do some belly bump comparisons.
She is due about two months after me,
but she has two baby girls growing in there!
     The morning of the shower I was sent off for some genuine pampering! A haircut and mani/pedi!  I came home to such a beautiful winter wonderland shower!  My mom and sisters are amazing, so loving and so talented.  We are also lucky enough to have a professional photographer in the family!  All shower pictures are her doing!  I got to visit with so many friends I love, I only wish the shower could have gone on for many more hours and that I got to see all of these amazing women on a much more regular basis! 

I wore these undershirts as a baby! 

Planting paperwhite bulbs! 

I had a very good present helper! 

A knit whale!  

And look at this beautiful sweater!  My mom is an amazing knitter! 

The rain cleared for the shower!  Thank goodness or I would have been in serious trouble for wishing for it!  It also gave me a chance to appreciate the green, play with the dogs on the front lawn and discover life growing all around!

The week went so quickly and I was flying back home before I knew it!

My first day home, Kyle got to work from home, which means we got to go right out and get our Christmas tree.

He had put the lights up outside while I was gone.  Now, even though it is sunny and almost 70 degrees, at least in my little home it looks and smells like Christmas.  

      I am spending the week sitting under the tree 
(which looks like this during the daytime) embroidering, putting snaps on bibs (with some help from Kyle) and making more ornaments.  Fun Little Things is taking part in a holiday craft show at Keys Creek Lavender Farm on Saturday, from 3-7.  I have never been to the farm, but the pictures on their Facebook page look stunningly beautiful!  Worth checking out if you are in the San Diego area and want a different sort of adventure on a saturday.  I know they also do weddings and other special events on the farm throughout the year.    There is always more to do getting ready for a show than I think there will be.  Luckily, I actually really like doing it all, and I get to listen to the Indie Holiday Pandora station while I do it! 
     I also just found out yesterday afternoon that the North Park farmer's market is having a special "Shop Local for the Holidays" event at the market next week and would like me to be one of the vendors!  Thursday, December 13th, 3-7.  The market will be full of the usual farmers/vendors/yummy food trucks, but will also have live music, crafts and activities for kids and lots of one of a kind, local, handmade gift and craft vendors.  Come check us out after work, have a great time, support local small businesses and get some of your Christmas shopping done!

Kyle is working from home with Lacey and I again today, lets see if you can guess which side of the coffee table is covered with his work and which is mine!


And in about an hour we are off to another check-up!  Love getting to hear my little girl's heartbeat!  33 weeks today, apparently about the size of a pineapple! Can't believe how soon she will be here!

So much love and thanks to everyone who made this week amazing and who constantly fill my life with love!

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