Wednesday, December 12, 2012


What a fun date!  And apparently, it will be the last fun date like this in our lifetimes!  That is crazy to think!  My amazing friends, Rosa and Manny went on their first date on 2/3/4 and got married on 7/8/9, so dates like this always make me think of them!  They now have a beautiful little baby girl, too bad she couldn't have been born today!  Although, I guess that would have given her an extra three months in her mama's belly, and that probably wouldn't  have been too good!
I tried to find a picture of all three of them, but it couldn't be done!
I don't think Rosa would object too much to this one!
So, to stay at least a little bit on track! In honor of this great date, 12/12/12, I am offering 12% off everything in my Etsy shop today!  Just use coupon code "save12" when you check out, easy as that!  I just got a little buzz from PayPal letting me know one lucky customer has already taken advantage of the deal (I posted about it on my Facebook page in case there is any strange chance someone is reading this who is not also a Facebook fan).

Other exciting things going on right now:

North Park Market Holiday Edition!  Shop local for the holidays event!  This is happening tomorrow afternoon from 3-7!  The weather report is predicting possible rain and some chilly weather, but I have high hopes that it will hold off for the afternoon!  If you are still looking for some unique presents that are handmade with love by me, or any of the other awesome vendors who will be there, come on by!  There will also be live music, yummy food and craft activities for kids!

Kyle built a cool chicken nipple water system.  I know this sounds a little weird, but it involves pipes, tubes, boards, brackets, and just the right connector parts, and most importantly, it will ensure our chickens survive being closed up in their coop, unsupervised for more than a week while we go home for Christmas. At least, we have high hopes it will, as long as the chickens figure out what is going on!

And I am having lots of fun planning and making presents!  There are lots of tutorials to come along with all these cool projects, but I don't want to give anything away.  Be on the lookout in January!  I will just say I have never done any of the projects before that I am going to be doing in the next 8 days, and I am still waiting for beautiful and fun supplies to come in the mail.  Nothing like a time crunch to really get those creative juices flowing!

Aren't you impressed I already have something wrapped?
Well, its a trick! This is the present I sent to Martha Stewart's grandchildren
a few months ago (for which I never received a thank you card!)

I hope you all are having lots of fun thinking about those you love, and planning things to make them smile!  I also hope you are doing (or planning to do) lots of baking, eating, drinking (of course, this one only for my non-pregnant readers :-)), singing, dancing and celebrating with your family and friends!

*** wait, wait, wait*** I just thought about this date thing some more.  I have been hearing people say today is the last sequential date of our life time, but November 12th of next year will be 11/12/13, and December 13th of the year after will be 12/13/14.  Those seem to me to be sequential... But maybe it (or people?) just mean the last one where all 3 numbers are the same?

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