Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Twins! Sale!

     We are so excited and in love with these two, beautiful little nieces of mine born yesterday.  Shelby and Norah!  We can not wait to meet you in only two more days!

Double Love! 

Annie is very excited to come meet her newest cousins!

     In their honor (and to do something with all my excitement) I am having a one day only sale in my Etsy shop!

Buy any two (or more) items and get free shipping anywhere in the United States! 
 ***Use coupon code "Twins"***

And until anyone buys something, I am spending my day heading to the fabric store for interfacing for a birthday present for an amazing, soon-to-be two year old nephew (who is, after only a few hours, already the sweetest big brother to exist), heading to the post office to mail off some baby love to two friends welcoming their new little girl, and embroidering some baby love for two friends who just welcomed their new little boy (they must really be putting something in the water!) and rocking and dancing and loving on my sweetest little love cakes, who seems a bit stuffed up today, I guess our weekend trip to Austin was a little hard on her.  Breaks my heart to see her sad, we will see how the rest of those things on the list really go today.

Oh! And Happy Birthday to my sweetest, cuddliest, Zsa Zsa-est Lacey dog.  Six years old today!

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