Saturday, April 6, 2013


I always have this belief that there is just that one more thing coming up, or one more project to do and then things will calm down, but somehow there is always one more thing after that one more thing.

First there was our trip to Austin.  Annie's first time on a plane!  Lots of friends, walking, yummy food, an excellent king sized sleep number bed that Annie loved sleeping in the middle of and the beautiful wedding of friends.  A little chapel, an old barn, big trees, glittery lights, delicious food and cake and excellent dance music.  We always love an excuse to show off our moves!

And obviously I somehow took zero pictures the whole weekend!

Then, there was a trip home to meet brand new twin cousins and celebrate Annie's first Easter.  Thanks to my amazing little sister there are lots of beautiful pictures of this one!

Norah, Annie (the giant!) and Shelby, in their Easter dresses that have been in the family at least 50 years!
Nanny and all 4 grandkids!  Jack is trying to share is cha cha with her - such a sweet boy!
Annie and her first ever Easter bunny!
Big brother and cousin, Jack, keeping an eye on the girls.  

The whole crew!  Jack, Owen, Norah, Annie, Nanny, Shelby, Bella and Charlie! So much love on that couch!  
A fantastic, fun (and slightly sleep deprived for certain family members) weekend full of love, laughing, sunshine, egg hunting, sandbox playing, fried dough and even a walk in the woods.  

Then, back home for us, way too soon.  

Two Fun Little Things orders to be finished and sent out.  

Presents for two friends to be worked on.  

One more Fun Little Things order from a friend to be worked on (including two bibs made from brand new fabric, that she didn't order, but that I thought she might like better - which she did!  And then I accidentally let them go out the door without taking pictures to make new Etsy listings, whoops! Just found one picture I did take of them, but it still doesn't help with the listings.)

And walks with Annie, and cuddling, and learning to roll over and lots of playing with her favorite chicken.

And gardening, and farmer's markets and cooking, and not enough laundry and house cleaning.

And reading (still Game of Thrones, I feel like I might be reading this book for the rest of forever!)

And recruiting the help of my (once again) awesome little sister to get a real, super awesome, professionally formatted and designed logo to get sew-in tags made for my bibs, purses, diaper bags and blankets.  Pictures as soon as they arrive on my front porch, I promise!

Next up is burlap and lace wedding bunting for some very amazing friends and one time roommates, and hopefully to list in my Etsy shop as well.  So far it is looking gorgeous and I can't wait for it to be done!  Pictures here too, I promise again!

Then more new bibs and new listings!

Then one day my quilt! Haha! So I keep promising, except that one more thing keeps popping up after that one more thing that I thought was the last thing...

And in the meantime, enjoying gorgeous San Diego weather, relaxing with my awesome family and feeling so blessed that I have this little helper with me working on all of my projects!

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