Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas, Inspiration and Lists.

     So many things I have been wanting to share, and now I have finally forced a moment to be here and my mind sits blank.  With a list by my side of all the "to dos" and blog posts to write.  Fresh off of yesterday's stress at too many to dos and no time for doing.  Every time that my post inspirations pile up, I lose motivation to write those first few, and I really did have such wonderful things to write and share.  So I will just list them for now (because I love making lists, sometimes even lists of lists to make, they help me calm my mind and feel at least slightly in control of the thoughts and plans, boring and fun "to dos",) and hopefully that will re-inspire me to add the pictures and explain the details.  Even all of this mild complaining now is inspiring me to just quit the procrastinating and start working my way down.  I guesssz getting my fingers moving was the first step to finding that motivation I needed, like so many other things I procrastinate (cleaning, working out, calling strangers on the phone.)  Just start and it will be fine! Do you hear that, self? Ok, enough of that, here is the list!

  1. Annie's first Christmas- beautiful and fun and amazing and a whole week spent with family!
  2. Christmas present projects!!! A roll-up picnic blanket, napkins, a lap duvet, a reusable lunch bag, a portable truck garage and racetrack, two dresses, a stuffed turtle, a tiny backpack, a hedgehog pincushion and embroidered kitchen towels.  All in 3 weeks! So you see, I really have been busy!
  3. New Year's!  The celebrations I have grown up with and held onto.
  4. New bibs for the shop (but this first requires that I finish sewing them, and take pictures and write listings, and my sewing machine has been kicked off the desk until later.)
  5. New plans for the business in the new year!

     Alright, you know what? I am inspired now, and when I have the time and know where the laptop charger is, I need to take advantage- so I will start at the top!


     The Saturday before until the Sunday after.  Two eight hour car rides, each half in the dark, with a soundly sleeping little girl in the back, and no traffic (I repeat, no traffic, even through LA.)  Eight days filled - 

with early mornings in the kitchen with Nanny,

and with kitties, you can't forget kitties

Working hard in the best drawer ever!
     with sharing strollers and playing at the park with cousins,

with hikes in the woods,


No one wants to put pictures of their bum in stretch pants on their blog,
but look how cute those tiny booted feet are! 

with belly boards, legos and cousin hugs

with Great Grandpa sharing snacks with his Sweet Georgia Brown (our Lacey)

with Christmas Eve presents with Cousins Ethan and Addison, Aunt Erin, Uncles Alex and Jayson, Grandma and Poppy and Great Grandpa, 

with waiting for Santa,

with the first stocking Kyle and I got to help Santa put together,

with Santa presents, hard work and new books,

with shaking presents with Grampy,

with Christmas presents with Cousins, Jack, Norah and Shelby, Aunties Em and Lu, Uncle Andy, Nanny and Grampy,

whoops, no pictures, too busy having fun,
except this one, stolen from the Facebook page of the incredibly talented Auntie Lu

with cousins in Christmas dresses wreaking havoc,

with little boys who don't want me to take smiles,

with homemade truffles, lots of cooking, and eating incredible food here,

with laughing and hugs and not enough naps, with swinging and swimming and sore old lady dogs,

with love and love and love,

and so much thankfulness for every minute of it.  

     And now the nap is long over and there are farmer's markets to hit!  I hope your holidays were filled with love and love and love, as well!


  1. Beautiful! Beautiful! this made me all teary! what a joyous holiday celebration!

    happy new year!
    wishing you and your family soooooo much love and many blessings in 2014. xxoo

    1. xoxo! Happy new year and love, love, love to you and your family as well!

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