Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Plans for a New Year

     I am actually writing a business post, can you believe it? Remember when I used to write these, all I was learning about actually running a small business? It has been awhile!  When Annie was born (almost a year ago!!!!) the business part of my business took a back seat.  I have still been sewing, lots of bibs and a few new things too.  I did manage to get my sales taxes filed and paid.  I occasionally make appearances here, on FLTs Facebook page and Instagram that having something to do with sewing.  And the business has been cruising along nicely, supporting itself, keeping me busy during naps and after Annie is asleep at night.  And the business part of my business, heck even the creative part of my business, will still (and always) be in the back seat compared to Annie, but I am starting this new year incredibly inspired and full of confidence in my business!  I have Big New Plans (more on that later) and some super exciting things have been happening these days!

    1. My first ever wholesale order, to a children's boutique in Montana, whose owner found me through Etsy, turned into my second ever wholesale order!  Her most recent messages to me included the sentences "I need more bibs!" and "They are selling like hot cakes!" Ah! and omg! This is so exciting to me.  I love getting the second order, I love that they are selling so well, I love that people are finding my bibs!

    2. I was actually able to pay myself for the first time ever!  When I started FLT 1 1/2 years ago, I dedicated a certain (small) amount of money in its own bank account to the business.  Over this time, the account has gone up  and down, well, make that down and up, but we haven't put any of our other personal money into the business.  Finally, even with buying new fabrics and taking new risks by adding new products to my shop (dresses, rompers, bloomers,) the account has more money in it than it started with.  I decided that anytime it is over the starting balance, I will pay that money to myself.  Note to my CPA, accounting, actually business knowledgeable friends: If this is kind of a bad idea, I don't really want to know, but if it is really, really, really a bad idea that will somehow get me into trouble, I guess I reluctantly want to know that.  On the other hand, if it is a good idea, feel free to tell me that so I can feel even better about my businesswoman skills!

    3. This was my horoscope in last Sunday's SF Chronicle Pink Section (the only real horoscope, obviously!)

So obviously, this is a sign that my Big New Plans are perfect!  So what are these Big New Plans, you ask?

     Well, inspired by the success of my bibs at Sprouts in Montana, I want to get my bibs in other children's boutiques!  San Diego is full of some beautiful ones, and I have been wishing for awhile that they were selling my bibs.  Apparently, they do not know what I am wishing, and they are not going to find me, so I am going to approach them!  I have determined my wholesale price.  I have done some researching on approaching stores.  I have a plan!  I have always been scared of doing this.  I still am.  I am maybe the most social person I know, but something about promoting my own products, being a "salesperson" makes me feel yucky.  But I am inspired! And I have confidence! And my horoscope! So I am going to trust in myself, and have confidence in my product! I am going to do it!  Yay! Ahh!

So that is the plan for now!  I will update here once I follow through (that is, if I have time with all the sewing I will be doing to fill those wholesale order!)

And now there is a puppy to cuddle, bibs to cut out and the sounds of a slowly waking baby on the monitor!  

Hope you are all having a wonderful day and are feeling equally inspired and confident in what lies ahead for this new year!  


  1. Hurrah! this is all such wonderful news! I love hearing that your business is growing and blossoming! what a wonderful thing!

  2. Congrats on the wholesale order, that's so exciting! That is so great that your business is becoming so successful! This is something I would like to do as well, but the "business" aspect of it all kind of scares me and I just haven't been able to jump in, you know? But you are inspiring me to put some more thought into it, at least!

    1. Thank you! It is definitely scary jumping in, I definitely feel you, but exciting too, do it!

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