Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How On Earth?

     How on Earth do I have a One Year Old?  Last thing I knew, we were coming home from the hospital, in the rain, with a two day old, 6 pound, 12 ounce little sack of snuggly, hungry love.  And now, all of a sudden, she is a one year old, 20 pound, 12 ounce giant sack of wiggly, hungry love! She walks and dances and escapes through doggy doors.

She climbs the splintery, rickety back steps all the way to the way-up-high porch.  She stands on her rocking chair, climbs into her doll carriage demanding rides, pulls out her stroller when she wants to go for a walk and bangs on the front door when she wants to swing.  

She goes to museums and rides bikes.

She opens and closes doors and drawers (and laptop lids too!)  She bakes cookies with dad. 

 She eats food. Real food.  The same food we eat.  She really likes chocolate cake. 

And Kale.  Really.  

She talks. A little.  Mama (or when she is really sad - Ma awwwwwwwm!) Dadadadadada.  Dog!  Ca!  (We are still working on that "t")  

She really knows how to enjoy her birthday.

Super big, special thanks to the number 1 Birthday Fairy for all the help
throwing such a great party!

All with a snorting giggle and a smile on her face.  She is funny and determined, adventurous and curious, and full of love and face hugs for all the people and animals and balloons in her life.  Some days are hard, and long and a little bit sad.  Lots of days are messy.  Every day I am so, so, so lucky and in love.  

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  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Annie!! I especially love the picture of her escaping through the doggy door, haha! My baby turns 1 in less than two weeks and I just can't believe it either.... How???? I always believed people when they said that kids grow up fast, but I was totally not prepared for just how fast it really goes. It seems like she was just born and now she's getting into everything and beginning to be more like a kid than a baby! Not ready for this!!!