Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This guy

There aren't a lot of pictures of this guy.  He isn't the flashy, center of everything, in front of the camera guy.

He's the guy who loves camping and hiking in the woods.

 The guy who hikes quietly in the back, ensuring all is well and none are left behind.  Soaking up the peace.

He's the guy sitting in a comfy chair in the corner with a good book, ready to tell you all about it if you just ask.

He's the guy who loves sharing his passion for science with all those around him. 

He cleans up pretty good (and is it ok to say I do too? hahaha!)

He is the totally loyal, will do anything for his siblings, big brother.

And the totally loyal, with do anything for my mom, husband.

He's the guy who loves snuggling sleepy babies.

And the guy who helps them shake presents. 

He's the guy who loves being a Daddio and a DP and spending anytime he can get away from work with his family.

He's the guy who taught me to love hockey (#BeatLA!)

And after a few glasses of wine, he's the guy telling stories about the old days that make everyone laugh until they cry (even if they kind of don't believe they are true.)

He's the guy I talk current events and educational theory with while cleaning the kitchen after dinner.

He's the guy who when asked what he wanted for his birthday, said, I dunno… world peace.  And he's the guy who really means that.

And he is the guy who has been the biggest supporter of this blog (as he has with all my adventures) sending me emails or texts after every post.  Wishing the best for me, pushing me to do new things with the blog, write more posts.

He is the guy who is probably really embarrassed by this post.

So, because I can not get you world peace today, I wrote this for you.  Thank you for everything you do and have done.  Thank you for the smile every morning for Annie and I over FaceTime.  Thank you for the unending encouragement and support.  I love you lots.

Happy, Happy, Birthday, Daddio!