Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

     This is my second (as a mom) Mother's Day.  Last year it was to a three and a half month old, little tiny, baby.  This year, to a 15 and a half month old toddler!  I honestly have no idea how she got so big.   She is walking and running, eating and playing, and somehow all of a sudden, she has very serious opinions about things.  What we should be doing, what we should be eating, where we should be playing, and that we should be doing all that without any clothes on.  Clothes are a drag.

    I know some moms who want Mother's Day to be a day when they are left alone to sleep in, rest, do what they want by themselves.  It is their day off.  And if this is you, I support you in doing what you want, but this is totally not what I want.  Ok, maybe I want to sleep in a little, but only until about 6, maybe 6:15.  That would be lovely.  And I want brunch and dinner and dessert to be my choice.  But other than that I want to spend the day hugging and playing with and loving on that tiny, great big toddler girl of mine.  I want to spend the day wallowing in the incredible blessing it is to be a mother to this girl.  Soaking in the gratitude and hugs and kisses (and even the occasional tantrums.)

    All I remember about Mother's Day growing up is my Dad trying to help the three of us girls cook breakfast for Mom.  Sorry for all those burnt, shell-filled eggs Mom!  But she always knew it was done with love and the best intentions and she ate those eggs with a big smile on her face!  I am so fortunate in learning how to be a mom, that I have grown up with the very best example to try to live up to.

    A Mom who gave everything of herself in raising her three daughters.  A Mom who filled every day with fun, good food and love.  A Mom who, no matter how many times we moved, built and kept a home where we would always feel safe, at ease, free to be ourselves.  And a Mom who still gives everything of herself to keep taking care of her three grown daughters and anyone else who comes her way.  A Mom who at least three of our friends have tried to coerce into adopting her, and at least one starting referring to as "our mom."  A Mom who gives her love and support to all the kids in the neighborhood.  A Mom who has spent the last 9 years giving her love and support to three of the kids in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties who need it the very most.

    A Mom who stays up late worrying and wakes up early baking.  A Mom who throws a great birthday party.  A Mom who loves to play.  A Mom who knits and sews nonstop for her daughters and grandkids, never having time to make anything for herself.  A Mom who was the one to teach me to knit and sew and embroider.  A Mom who filled our home with creative love - raising three daughters who love to create.  A Mom who supports all of our careers and adventures and endeavors.  A Mom who is in no pictures because she takes all the pictures.

    A Mom who honestly wants nothing more for her birthday and Mother's Day (and any holiday!) than to have her family all together, hiking, playing games, cooking, eating, laughing.

   Mom.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for everyday of my life showing me how deeply and wholeheartedly loved I am.  Thank you for being the tireless example of how to not just raise children, but to truly fill them and their lives with love.  Thank you for teaching me to cook, sew and knit like you, so that I too can fill my family's life with handmade love.  And thank you for supporting me and giving me the confidence to believe that I could start Fun Little Things and that I can keep working at it even when I doubt the plan.  Thank you for being calm when I freak out and teaching me that a popsicle is the perfect ice pack for a busted lip.  Thank you for being ready to hop in your car or on a plane any time I need you.  I love you so much!!

I just hope that I can be so awesome.  Happy Mother's Day!


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  1. This is beautiful! :) (And also, I grew up in a family of 3 girls too... and so did my mom! It's the best!)