Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Baby Room!


 I may have gone a little crazy last week...


     I was all excited to start making fun new Dia de los Muertos onesies and bibs to get ready for the craft fair.  I was even thinking about making dish towels and tote bags! And then, instead of designing new patterns or getting out the calavera fabric and terry cloth, I cleaned our closet.  I mean, I really cleaned it! Took hours, cleaning and organizing and sorting and getting rid of crap!  And I loved it! Later that night I kept peeking in the closet to see how good it looked!

     Then, the next day, I cleaned out and organized all of our files.  It had been years!

Then, the desk!

and the box of "school supplies" (aka perhaps millions of little pieces of paper, some of it shiny, pens, random little toys, paper clips and a lot of dust) on the back of the desk.

Then, the giant shelf in the office covered with craft supplies and random storage.  It also had a big stack of Gourmet, Bon Apetit and Sunset magazines we were saving because of delicious looking recipes.  I spent 4 hours going through all of them, ripping out all of the recipes that looked delicious and sorting them into my recipe notebooks!

Then... the worst/ best of all! The guest closet.  Or, as I usually thought of it, the place where I might die, buried in stuff that falls on me during an earthquake.

     The whole point of all of this was to turn the guest room into a baby room, the office into a guest room and move the desk into the living room! And somehow, have room to keep the stuff we need and want, and have it stay clean and organized.  For those who haven't been to our house, it is very small, there is really only 1 closet (it just has doors into both bedrooms), and it has no attic, basement or garage. So everything we want to keep has to be kept inside.  Ok, ok, yes, we have two little sheds in the backyard, filled with garden, camping, beer making and teaching supplies, but that is it.  The pictures above are the piles of stuff that had to go!  We had a big yard sale and gave everything that was left to Goodwill.

It was amazing!

      I love feeling clean, and organized and purging all of this stuff!  It feels free and light and fabulous.  Also, after all of that, we were able to move the (now clean and organized) desk and files into the living room.  I love having it out here, finally somewhere I can put flowers in the room I unquestionable spend the most time in!

We even had photos from our trips to Ecuador and Hawaii printed
to have framed and put up on the walls!
The guest bed is in the new, tiny guest room, along with the keggerator.

The comfy chair, beautiful new baby dresser and the amazing crib that came in the mail on Thursday are now in the new baby room.

Curtains and wall decorations coming soon!

The big shelf is clean and organized and in the dining room.  And I love all the changes!  Feels like a new house.  Kyle was so calm and patient and helpful through all of this! I got to be crazy and make big piles of junk to be moved, thrown out, recycled, shredded, sold, donated and organized.  He moved all of the heavy stuff (I can't believe it, but I am 25 weeks pregnant already, that is almost 6 months, and this belly is finally getting big enough to really get in the way), loaded the car for the momentous goodwill run and kept me laughing through all of it.  And on only one occasion did he suggest that I should go hang out with the broody chicken!

      Lacey on the other hand, thinks all of the changes are horrible.  The whole week as I was cleaning and organizing, she was alternating between giving me depressed looks while lying in the corner, and playing with toys and acting like a puppy right where I was trying to clean.  She was pretty convinced only bad things could come of cleaning.  Probably a sign we don't do enough big cleaning around here.

     Before I actually started, this big house rearrange was all I could think about.  All the parts of it were on every to do list I made for my days, yet I kept putting them off, along with pretty much everything else on those to do lists.  Now that it is done, I can actually do things again!

We took Lacey to the beach.  I have gone to yoga twice already this week.

I had my favorite kind of Sunday Funday with Kyle; we made enough pasta to last for a few months at least, including tonight's dinner of butternut squash ravioli!

I bought LOTS of onesies and designed my new Dia de los Muertos patterns!

I ironed and started cutting fabric for bibs.  I have been embroidering any time I am not up and running around.

I made brownies, finally made our baby registry, changed the sheets and did all of the laundry!  And I am doing that new blog entry I kept moving to the to do list for the next day!

     And to all of my friends in the San Diego area - Sunday! Noon to 5pm, Centro Cultural de la Raza (In Balboa park, off of Park Blvd,) North Park Craft Mafia "Dia de los Muertos" craft show!

     We will be there with my fun new Day of the Dead and Halloween themed items along with all of the usual Fun Little Things we all know and love! Come check us out, get a free sugar skull, make a mask and see all of the other awesome local vendors selling their creations.


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  1. Such a lovely room for baby! I agree, cleaning out things give me such a high. :)