Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hi friends,

     I know what you are all thinking, oh man, I love Halloween! But I still have a few more weeks to figure out my costume, right? No! It is only a little over a week until the weekend before, which is probably when most of you will be celebrating.   Apparently, being an adult and having a job makes celebrating on a Wednesday not such a good idea.  And a lot of the days between then and now will be taken up at work, and not at all helpful in planning your costume.  What are you to do? Well...

     Luckily for all of you, you know me, and I know a very cool girl named Shelly!

And yes, that is a mimosa in my hand, but don't worry, friends,
I promise this picture is from pre-pregnancy!

     Well, this very cool girl, Shelly, makes some very cool Halloween costumes! For adults!  Comfortable! Warm! With inside pockets for your stuff! And they are guaranteed to be the hit of whatever party or bar you are at for your halloween celebrating!  Best of all, they are for sale!

     There is a bear (lovingly named shreddy teddy because of a very similar bear she made that is occasionally worn while "shredding the sick pow" aka snowboarding).

 A lion - clearly the king of the jungle!

     A white or a brown dog, with super soft, cute little pink ears!

     There is also a giraffe (which sadly I do not have pictures of, but it is pretty much the cutest giraffe head I have ever seen), and coming soon there will be a cheetah, a koala and a zebra!

     Check out her craigslist postings or contact me for more details on how to purchase one of these amazing halloween costumes for yourself!  She accepts cash or credit card and will even ship for people who are cool!

     Any of you who have actually planned and prepared, I want to know what you are going to be! Comments, please!

                                                       Happy Halloween, everyone!

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