Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Secret Garden

     Even though as a teenager I rarely helped my mom with her garden at home, in college it was something I knew I should start in order to make our dirty, fun, crowded, loud house into a home.  One spring weekend I piled "the boys" into my Jeep and off we went to Home Depot for boards, nails, soil and seeds.  I remember mornings taking my coffee to water the garden and sitting and staring at my sunflowers while everyone else was still sleeping; I felt like such a grown up.

     I have had a garden in every house I have lived in since, even if it was just a window box with herbs, or if the weeds and rusty debris littered through the yard stopped any of my veggies from actually producing something I could eat.  The first year Kyle and I lived together I was the garden instigator, and ever since it has been something we have planned and worked in together.  We have been living in this little green house of ours for three years now (an unbelievably long time for me!)

     We built the garden beds the first weekend we moved in to the house.

Small and simple, in the only sunny corner of the yard

     The fence was built the year after, when Buddy and Lacey were pretty sure they needed day time snacks and a soft place to lounge.

Clearly we know who the boss of this relationship was.
     Peep, Puffball and Marilyn came the year after that.

Marilyn is being a bit broody right now and doesn't feel like
smiling for the camera.

     This year, I have been a little busy, and even though planning and working in the garden were things I wanted to happen, I never made them a priority.  Annie and I did go along with Kyle to the coolest nursery in San Diego, checked out the goats, chickens, turkey, turtles, bunnies and donkey and helped pick out some seedlings.  And along with some gorgeous houseplants and succulents for the front porch, my mom bought us a packet of wildflower seeds by my request while she was here visiting/ saving our lives when Annie was born.  That was as far as my involvement in our garden went this year.

     But all the while, Kyle has been sneaking out there in the few spare minutes he could find and planting, spreading compost, watering, weeding and creating beauty.

Last year's hops are making a comeback!

The first poppy!

Two tiny apples starting to grow!

There are more tomatoes growing in a container in the sunnier front yard.
I can't wait for the BLTs!

    Most afternoons now, Annie and I take a walk to the garden to feel the sunshine, smell the flowers and see how the green leaves have grown.  

I have been given such a gift.  

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