Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Unfinished things

    In the middle of lots of projects around here and nothing new done!  Trying to not let this make me feel crazy, but it does a bit.

There are bibs halfway snapped (because the bottom half always breaks when I do it).

In addition to that frustrating half of a snap, this pile of bibs also needs pictures taken, descriptions written and listings posted.

There is fabric cut for 9 new, bright, linen, summertime clutches, but only 4 pockets pressed and pinned, nothing sewn and no magnet snaps in place.

There are also teeth not quite out yet, making little one (and Dad and I) oh, so sad, and really getting in the way of any quality eating, sleeping, playing or book reading.

There are also other fun blog posts being planned in my brain as I drive or as we walk or dance, about bread and soup and jam, and about swim lessons (and there is that pesky intention of blogging twice a week, which is clearly not going to be a reality if I want to finish any of these other projects.)

There are Father's Day projects planned but not started.

But then there is this

This is weirdly warped! But look at that smile!

and this

And this room all ready for Nanny's visit TOMORROW!!!!!!!!

And really, really, what is more important than that.  Projects will get done when projects get done.  It is sunny out.  Hopefully Annie will wake up a bit happier from her nap and we can read books and play with toys and look at plants and laugh at Dad and dogs. And if not we will chew on Sophie and frozen strawberry and cool wet facecloths and walk and dance.  

And just maybe vacuum and clean the bathroom... 

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