Monday, July 1, 2013

5 Months!

     I am late with these.  Exactly one week late.  And to be honest, I even took the pictures one day late.  But the exact 5 month birthday was a pretty grumpy day.  An up four times in the night, teeth hurting (teeth, which I am now convinced, are never going to come out, just hang out in there, on the edge, torturing us,) drooling, sad, tired, grumpy day.  But the day after!  The day after was a lovely, smiling, giggling, staring at flowers, watching planes, chewing on toes, loving on Lacey, learning to crawl, reading books, playing with toys day.  A day on which my very favorite yoga teacher's reminder to cherish the moment you are in was most definitely not needed.

And in honor of all she has learned over these five months, she wanted to share her very own, step by step tutorial with all of you.

How to Learn to Crawl


  • A soft, hand knit with love blanket
  • A toy you would really like to stick in your mouth
  • A mean Mom who keeps sticking you on your tummy on the far end of the blanket

1.  Look up at Mom and your amazing toy, smile adorably, hoping Mom will just hand it to you, and maybe just flip you over while she's at it.

2.  Realize that is not going to happen and prepare yourself for some serious hard work.

3.  Stick your adorable, big bum way up in the air.

4. Smoosh your face into the blanket and pull for all you are worth.

5.  Be shocked at how far you made it!

6.  Repeat as necessary to get all the way across that blanket!

7.  Flip over, relax with your bestie, Chicken Little, enjoy the beautiful plants, and get some good quality chewing time in with that tempting and elusive toy.

Oh, and don't forget to have really cute feet, they really help a lot! 

I have no idea how 5 months have passed already and how she got to be so big.  Despite the occasional tired and grumpy day, she really is amazing and sweet and funny and beautiful and strong and so incredibly smart.  This is pretty seriously fun!

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  1. this is such a wonderfully sweet post! Happy 5 months little one! don't keep your parents up so often with teething (really bad form). xo