Monday, July 15, 2013


She has two!

     Writing this post has suddenly made me realize how long it has been since I have written because the first tooth made its much awaited appearance during a 4th of July BBQ, and tooth number two came only two days after that.  And now here we are, July 15th and I am just writing about them now!

    I have been trying to get a picture of their tiny adorableness (for this post, and Facebook and Instagram and to text to everyone I know and to always remember how cute they are) but the only time they can actually be seen is when she is screaming and I would feel like an enormous jerk trying to take a picture of her teeth while she is screaming.  So for now you will just have to trust me, they are really cute, and really tiny, and pretty much perfect.  Oh, and pretty sharp (in terms most of my friends will understand, they are puppy teeth, sharp!)

     I can't believe how much she is growing and changing every day.  Holding the feet is old news now.  Still working on the inch worm crawl.  She is about one day away from sitting on her own.  She is chowing down on rice cereal and bananas every night.  She can grab toys or teethers (or my hair or water bottle or Lacey's hair or tail or leaves or anything in the kitchen that seems remotely fun and dangerous) and get them into her mouth and hold them there.  She giggles non-stop at the dog park or when I stick her toes in the waves.  And it seems like suddenly she grew about a million times bigger.

    Some of the fun we have been up to lately.

Supervising Mom's fabric cutting.
We got the dress on a trip down the Baja coast when I was pregnant-
and was told by the woman who sold it to me that I was carrying
Annie in my butt.  Thank you, lady.  

Taking a break from our exhausting workout!

Helping Mama change the sheets!

We love mushroom!

     Annie has also been helping me work on lots of projects these last few weeks.  Finished these blankets!  Better pictures and shop listings coming soon!

Working on a dress and bloomers for Annie!

Three onesies embroidered this weekend.  One custom order and two secret presents soon to go out to college friends waiting for their babies to decide it is a good day to be born!

Twin nursing pillows make for great, full belly naps!

Also working on a secret and very exciting project for a certain Big Sister's birthday next week. 

And getting ready for our trip to be there to celebrate with her!!!!!

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